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Happy B-day Eli!!!

Mojo Pin

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My, i just checked the portal and i hope this isnt too late cos its 11:58pm over here so is still your b-day for 2 more mins :P


Happy b-day Eli!! i hope you had a great day!:kiss:


and hey 2 more years and you can have the fred vid :sneaky:


*choco hugs and kisses*

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Wow thank you all! :blush: :kiss:

I had a very great birthday (although it was in the middle of 'let's kill the students and spam them with awful tests till they die'-week and I'm certainly gonna die right now :P ) and now I'm 16! HELL YEAH :cool:


so now I can legally drink alcohol (oh wow that matters.. :rolleyes: ) and err.. well, there are not very much benefits of being sixteen really.. since I don't have rich parents that are gonna buy me a Landrover ("and it's gotta be a WHITE one daddy, or else I'll hate you for EVER!") or go shopping with me in Paris so I can buy the ugliest, tightest, and of course most expensive dress in the world that has such a decolleté that my tits almost pop out of it every time I try to move, or arrange a party for me with 1000 guests in some huge club where I (after Ive drunken too much VERY expensive tequillas) can vomit on my bodyguard that will never leave my side even if I try to smooch with some incredibly hot (but egocentric) guy.....

wow, monologue :rolleyes:


nono no SUPER sweet sixteen for me (I dunno if you know that show? :P )

I was perfectly happy with my 'invite the whole family and eat cake together while the little cousins break down the house'-party :D

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