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Bologna 15th November


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HI everbody.I'm a new member!

I just wanted to say that It was a great show!!I was there it was absolutely amazing!!

Chris was fantastic..he ran,he sang,he played,he jumped!

When he jumped near the audience during "In my place" I was there.. just 1m separated us..he was incredible!

I have some videos but we were far so they are so little,but songs are great and we recorded even the mistake during fix you.

Unfortunately I'm not so good with computer and I don't know how to let you alle see these videos!If someone will explain me,I'll immediately send you them!!!!!!!!

The last thing:to me, Chris was right when he said about Guy "Questo è l'uomo più bello del mondo"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What do you think?!?!?!?!?!

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