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**EDITED** Where is my luv bunny? (christiana)

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I must have had the date wrong, but she's going into surgery tomorrow. (Nov. 18th) to have her surgery. Sorry if this is embarassing Christi :P


Anyway if you pray then pray, if you don't then just keep her in your thoughts. We all love you Christi. You mean a lot to us. You mean a lot to me too. I hope that you find this a pleasent surprise when you come back :)

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I didn't know about this and I just saw it but Christi! I really hope you Feel more better when it's over and I will pray for you! Everything is going to come out excellent! Your going to be the old Coldplay Fan! Well Aerosmith too! I love you!

Take Care! My lovely Coldplay Fan! :) :kiss:

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Best of luck! Of course, by the time you read this, the message should be changed to "speedy recovery!!!".


You'll be alright. I know that the words can seem empty, but with all of us wishing you well and sending the good Karma your way, you've gotta be! :kiss: :)

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Crystal is totally right Christi, you're a veeeery strong woman!!!I admire you a lot, be sure of that.I'm sure everything's gonna be ok and we'll be here to support you when you come back and to receive you with a big party!!!!I'm praying for you!I wish all the lucky in the world!BIG kisses and BIG hugs!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

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