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Can't reply in the other thread, so I do it here...



is that Grasshoppers Zurich Sally? .. but that was when Chelsea were a side that did not have Abramovich to get them out of trouble and buy who they want .. they were a side in debt and if Abramovich didn't come along would probably be struggling to get into Europe ...


No, that was FC St. Gallen.


I know that they didn't have Abramovich then... I just wanted to mention this, some things shouldn't be forgotten. :D




What if Abramowich gets bored of Chelsea one day and decides to invest his money in something else? :rolleyes:

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And, even though it has nothing to do with Chelsea... NEWCASTLE DREW WITH ASTON VILLA. AND WE WERE LUCKY. Garreth Barry says in the paper he's flattered to be linked to the Toon, then misses an 88th min penalty against us. Hmm.. Oops. :) We need Mr. Owen back, yknow, the same world class striker that Chelsea thought they didn't need. Oh how he will light up the premiership once more!


(I linked it to Chelsea somehow :P)

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