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A (not so) brief "hello!" from me!!


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Oooh, I didnt introduce myself did I?


Hello one and all to all the Coldplay fans!!!


My name's Craig, and I discovered Coldplay, shamefully, very late in their career. I never really knew about them until about 2002, which means I missed their parachutes days. Which, might I add, annoyed me, because I live in Cambridge (UK) and we never get any decent bands here! Anyways, I heard that Coldplay played in Cambridge in their parachutes days.


Anyways, I went to Coldplay at crystal palace on June27th, it was my first ever gig and I loved it so much!! I was into Morning Runner well before they supported Coldplay, but it was my first time of seeing them live and they were great. Don't forget about them!! They're gonna be big, they're super. Their album is out in January, please get out and support them!!


So I'm off again to Earls court on the 16th, alone :cry: and I'm only 16... aww, look at me get sympathy :D


Anyways, hello one and all!! This board is soooo cool. With your now playing boxes and all!! Anyway, I'll shutup now.. :D

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Thank you!!


Wow, both at the same dates? Fantastic!!


Did you manage to get standing tickets for the 16th December date?


Sadly I got seating tickets for Earl's Court but I was only metres away from the stage at Crystal Palace!

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