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please go! for me! in fact if you let me know which gig youll be going to ill come too! :shock:


their new song is amazing - seriously buy the album if you like that track because it is great! the video is also amazing - i love all the girls playing drums - such a good touch in tribute to their ex-drummer :(


"We suffer the breaks

You know I still remember it

It keeps burning away

I know that it may take a while

I know you may take a while

To come back around"



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argh! now i really don't know! :shock: i'm so indecisive about things sometimes - the other day it took me like half an hour just to decide what to order in McDonalds (as they have such a great selection). :roll: hmmmm - *jane goes off to think* - first time i've done that in a while - i may never recover :shock:

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i havnt listen to feeder in a long time.....i was just reading an article about them on the new one......i think i'm gonna check it out..........i would say go see them too. do it for us...do it for yourself........come on...go

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the new (uk) video for just the way im feeling reminds me of the video for Doves - there goes the fear :shock: :shrug:
I was thinking that the other day too!!!


I wanted to buy tickets to see them at Northumbria Uni but sold out - shite!!! Why do I always find out about these things too late!!!!! :x

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