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Before Coldplay !

Guest radi0ed

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Guest radi0ed

well as you all know coldplay have only been around for a few years , but before then i was well in to bands like - Radiohead , U2 , Travis , ect .

so what bands were you into then ? would be interesting to see if those who like coldplay - what they liked then . :twisted:

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Guest radi0ed

Queens of the Stoneage are cool i like them too , there new ablum is great .


--- what ever you do - dont tell anyone ----

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Oh dear. everyone's admitting to random bands from before - OK, here's mine - I promise you won't know them:


Harvey Andrews

Steve Tilston

Keith Christmas

The Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra

Al Jones

Dave Evans

Al Stewart



See? :-o :o and maybe the Beatles a long time ago ..... :?

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I was into a lot of electronica groups, like Hooverphonic, Gus Gus, Lamb, etc..

But I liked Travis and Radiohead, as well. Its funny b/c when I heard Coldplay for the first time I thought thay sounded like a mixture of the two, but now, after listening to Coldplay so much, I don't think they do, anymore.

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