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Hello im Amanda


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Let me tell the story...


:D That was when I was born, such a cheeky monkey

:-D I was still happy but not quite as much then

:) I just wasnt as happy as before

:x Mood swing! I became angry and threw stuff

;) I winked because I was just joking

:( Nobody thought it was funny

:sad: Nobody STILL thought it was funny

:o Somebody laughed!

:-o Why the fuck did they laugh?

:shock: Hey! You! Why are you laughing?

:? *Cough you bastard cough*

8) Fuck you, Im a badass

:lol: Oops! Im actually a pussy!

:-x Just kidding! I'll eat your face!

:P Gotchya!

:oops: I tripped and fell

:cry: I scrawwped my knee...

:twisted: NOW IM PISSED

:roll: Or am I?

:shrug: Nowadays: Where the fuck am I?


There we go, 16 years of utter mentalness.

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