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wow!! it's here!

dave's girl

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i saw jackass on saturday.......omg that was :shock: .......well i really dont know what to say about it. just that there was lots of vomitting and lots of half naked men......hehehe..... next i wanna go see the ring. i heard its real scary. wooohooo now i finally have a reason to go and pop some popcorn yay. 8) i guess hicksy got what he wished for.

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Yeah! I didn't even see this section earlier...


I heard The Ring is really scary! It's actually a remake of a Japanese movie. :wink:

I was told that Jackass is very funny, if you're into that sort of things. Sorry their stupidity is not my cup of tea...


And I actually haven't been to the cinema for ages myself! Maybe I will go to Harry Potter when it's out! Sad for Professor Dumbledore... :(

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