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Hi everybody!


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do you want the models? They just make me feel bad about myself when they walk around with their skinny thighs :?


well it`s not their fault they look this way is it? i actually look like them too and ppl (esp girls) around me always say that guys like curves. i have no curves, my boobs are small i mean like really small so should i be sad about it??? hell no!!! you gotta luff yourself man!

no off course it's not one's fault, but I still wouldnt wanna walk around with models all the time... i'm not blaming them for being gorgeous, but it just doesnt help my selfasteem much :shrug: but anyways, weedy stop it! if there's anybody you DONT look like it's Bob Dylan and Iggy Pop!!! You're lufly! Just comparing yourself with them is hilarious :lol: :lol: :lol:
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