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Scariest life and death situations (or so you thought)


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When i was in 6th grade....i swalled a big gum ball.....(in science) and i thought i was going to die.......b/c for a second i couldnt breathe......it took hours to disinigrate in my throat.....it was awful

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There are lots of these situations...


Almost drowned in the swimming hall...

fell from a wall which was 2m high....

fell from a swing on my head, couldn't breathe anymore...

and I experienced lots of accidents with my bike. most of them involved a mercedes benz :shrug:

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18 months ago one Saturday night I was walking to the pub (where else) with a friend of mine and joyriders came towards us at 60mph, crashed into a car pulling out and after flipping a few times landed 10ft from us. The driver ran off and left the passenger for dead hanging through the passenger window, and blood running down the door. The metal post adjacent to us on the other side of the road was bent flat, had the car veered off the other corner of the car it hit we would have been gonners :shock:

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Soooo many...


Many many car incidents. Ive actually saved a girls life once, she was crossing the street and didnt see a car coming from behind a big truck, so she looked left and didnt see anything coming and when the truck went past from the right she walked out and the car would have been going at a steady 40-45mph and I just yanked her back by the waist and the car like fucking skimmed her shoe (Because her right leg kinda went up in the air). I was really close to the car uponst pulling her back, she still remembers that very well.


Also another car one, I actually got hit by a car but it had already half stopped so I just folded over onto the bonnet with my face against the windscreen, and DAMN it was painful, and people around said it didnt look that bad just more frightening, but it was sore as hell. Anyways if he had better brakes he woulda stopped when he was supposed to.


I nearly fell off my friends roof like 4 times, and its a looong way down.


Eh, so many times.

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i was going down a slide @ the swimming pool when i was about 8. it's like a going down the inside of a big tube. some guy decided to stop half way down for his friend who he thought was comin next, but it was little old me instead...i went flying round the corner and :shock: WHAM :shock: into his back - i was winded for ages..couldnt breathe..very scary



Also a few weeks ago the clutch pedal broke like actually BROKE on my car on way home from school :o had to kinda freewheel across busy road to stop....scary shit!

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