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How much influence Coldplay has on you?


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They make me extremely happy. Every time I might be feeling down' date=' no matter the reason, I can turn one of their songs on and I just get his weird feeling that I'm not alone. I think Chris has an uncanny ability to make it seem as if he's right next to you when he sings. [/quote']


^DITTO! :)


After not picking up a guitar for 8years I bought my 1st electric and have been teaching myself to play again from scratch. I never would have done that if it wasn't for Jonny (and their music) inspiring me to do so. And it's one of the most enjoyable and satisfactory things i've ever done in my life. :heart: :D


They also inspire me to not be ashamed of showing passion for things that I really love in life. Or expressing myself about how amazing and beautiful I think so many things on our planet are.

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Do you mean 'Mittlere Reife', Flo?

That would be comparable to the british O-Levels, the secondary school graduation at age about 16/17.


Well... that might help you getting a clue ;)




^^^hehe that's ma man!



thx felix!


so you got it zorana?

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no way.. really? that's so funny. there are a lot of croatians in germany, ppl that left croatia during the war here went to germany mainly. there a little colony of ours there. :D

ask him to to teach you the dirty words. :lol:

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a lot i think


i bought AROBTTH in 2002 after seeing In My Place video on TV and i think that was the point when i switched to "alternative rock" (i listened to rap previously :uhoh: )

i got Parachutes as well that year,after i started to look for another bands,in 2004 i got Radiohead - Kid A,after came the rest OK Computer,The Bends,HTTT...still didn't get original CD of Pablo Honey though :(

and of course i was excited about x&y in the spring of 2005

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