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Favorite Subject (academic)


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I am wondering what everyone's preffered subject in school/out of school is/was







I never understood the people who had an attraction for the mathematics part of anything


Personally, English and history were/are my favorite subjects. Chemistry was alright.




I guess elective courses (courses that aren't math, science, history, language) can be included too :)



Any computer class was always fun, or something where I could work with my hands, art, tech. theatre, mechanics...



I am to graduate soon, and I have been "reminiscing" about my classes and such...

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i mean, some people are just fascinated by some subjects that I just do not care for. Like, architecture... I have watched people make blue prints and CAD designs and things of that sort...and besides being boring, it has to be PERFECT every little centimeter of it!


I suppose it has to do with a persons character (duh) and maybe people who do good with tedious, meticulous work like things like that.


I like listening to stories (history) and am good at putting pieces together in my mind.


And I am excellent at writing (like research papers, essays)

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I like... hate school altogether. And yeah... I'm like Eric... the only classes I do well in are the ones I like :rolleyes:. So, my grades are pretty crappy.


The only classes I get A's in are computer classes, and art classes if I'm taking any.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about science classes...


Last year in Physical Science, I did pretty well... My teacher said I would be able to take Biology as a freshman if I had did my homework. :laugh3:


I had like... a D in homework and a 101% or something in tests and quizzes, haha.


I don't really like science that much, but in every science class I take, I never study or anything or do my homework... and I ace all of my tests. Lolz.


EDIT: oh yeah, and I'm gonna try to get into Photography class next year, even though it's pretty much a Junior and Senior class mostly... heh.


I have a feeling that I'm going to like Photography class. :laugh3:

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I absolutely DESPISE math and science with such a passion. Mainly because of the teachers I've had, who've killed any desire towards the subjects that I may have had. It's really a shame. But I'm struggling to pass chemistry as it is this year, and luckily I'm taking neither of those subjects next year, my senior year.


I looove english, I've never gotten a grade in that class lower than a B+. I love history as well, and any social commentary/humanities class. I do well in language as well, for me it's Spanish. I know people who struggle SO much in these classes though, and sometimes I find it hard to understand. For me, writing a 10 page essay on British imperialism in the Congo is a breeze. But for others it could take years and 200 panic attacks to do.



It must be something to do with the brain's makeup...? Huh.

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ooh, well I like all my classes, and that's because of my teachers, I guess is the "system" they teach on because it's really easy to get everything and it's not all about doing boring stuff. we watch movies, we have team work in every class (evn math, the movies we watch in math are great mwuahahaha :uhoh:) and all kind of stuff that can geat really fun and that way we all agree (my class) we learn more and it gets easy even if we dont like it.


I like history, art, english, greek and latin, biology, literature and math :nice:

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Don't really care for English, history (unless it's ancient history or WWII era), math I sleep in...


I do like French and photography. Photography's easy, and when we're not taking pictures or Shopping them, we're watching a rock paper scissors championship. :laugh4: It's opened up a new likable art form for me too.

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I hate math and science subjects....


so i had to choose 3 major courses.....which are german, english and history....I like those subjects althopugh i was never that good at history but it fit in my combination.....actually I wanted to choose music as a major course but this wasn't possible at our school...and if I wanted to choose it I should have chosen a science or math as a major course aswell.......and that wouldn't have worked because I'm bad at this....


So actually my real favourite subject is music and nothing else....my major courses....are ok!

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