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[NEWS] Coldplay in the charts this week


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Great result for The Hardest Part Single in Israel. In only three days, the fourth single extract from the bestseller X&Y has obtained the first place in the Israel Single Chart.

In Italy, the selling of The Hardest Part moves X&Y from 25th to 14th position in the Italy Album Chart.

In Holland, Talk is still in the Single Top 20 (14th position).

In the end, Speed Of Sound is still in Top 40 Internet Sales, in 34th position.


Source: coldplayzone.it (translated version)

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^ wow they love that song there lol (that or thongs)


excellent result. 14th in Italy that's pretty good too :)


Yeah, i'm italian and in italy the consciousness of the hugeness of Coldplay are stronger than ever! In Italy now day by day on coldplayzone.it we register several fans, 'cause i think that with X&Y the italian people have realized that Coldplay music it's very good!

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Coldplay was at first place for like a month here in Sweden, or even for a longer time. And the album X&Y have jumped from place 46 to place 37 this last week.

And in Stockholm, "Talk" is played everywhere, specially at H&M in the city center.

That pretty cool.

OT: Singstar Rocks includes "Speed Of Sound" here in Sweden, dont know how it is in the states or in the UK.

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