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What do you do when you miss someone?


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Yes i know what you mean i also do that quietly inside' date='but sometimes it gets almost unbearable,but It can only get better :)[/quote']


hopefully this doesn't seem too up-front, but, is this a person that you will see again or..... well..... not?

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I am missing someone at the moment' date='and I am wondering what you ppl do when you miss someone really bad.[/quote']



Always keep yourself occupied. It's those times when you have the opportunity to just sit and ponder about someone that you miss them most :) Well, that's what helps me anyway!

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i know how you feel to miss someone soo much it takes over your brain!

what i do is listen to great music, hang out with friends,even get the odd jobs done around the place. it even helps to speak to the person your missing over the phone or by txt message.

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