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Thanks for your support and honesty people..... it means a lot...

If I dont do it now, I never will......

No I am not fluent in the language... but I have a job lined up where I get a free course....

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Have you got somewhere to live over there Daryl? A job? Are you fluent in Spanish yet?


Are you sure you're ready?


Pretty much.... money was a problem... no longer is..

I have enough to go, and give it a go for a few months..


I am keeping a couple of grand back, just in case it does not work out. So I can re set up my life over here. if worse come to the worse.


My bosses said my job will be open for me... just in case it does not work..

Also I have somewhere to stay at first..a good friend.. until I get a room flat of my own... I wont be there too long there though

Its just how I adapt, I will miss my friends so much... but I do make new ones fairly easily...


The only concern I have is my level of Spanish is still very poor.... and my Catalan is non exsistant... however due to the line of work I am in... there are more jobs than peole able to take them espically with english being my first lanauage... and they offer free courses...

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Hey good luck with the move daryl,it's a brave decision!! but I am sure it will work out for you,even though it must be really scary!


Plus leaving everyone behind must so so hard,I am not sure If i could do it myself....although getting a new start might be rather good....I have often thought about doing that myself....

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Today is me last day... and I have 4 days left in the UK...

They have all been so so kind...

They got me a flag of england and all me friends that I worked with have signed it....

Plus 75 euros....


I am overwhelmed.... but the tears have not started yet... I am sure they will soon

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