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Radiohead on Jonathan Ross


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Fuck! That was sweet. I was flicking around and noticed Jonathan Ross was on, wondered who was the guests this week, saw Shania Twain and quickly turned away.


Like a half hour later I slipped past the channel again only to see the start of There There! Damn, that was cool. That woulda been enough in itself (I thought it was, with only 10 minutes remaining of the show) but then it was cool when Thom and Jonny walked over to the couch, and *SHOCK* they actually did a TV interview, especially on a live Friday night talkshow. That should be the last time though, Jonathan Ross is an ass, he talked about their hair and clothes and how it took him '20 bloody listens' to get through Kid A, why do we care? I wish someone decent was interviewing them so they mighta asked some actually decent questions, rather than watching Jonathan Ross marvel over the fact people see them as 'gloomy', wow. But Thom got a few laughs, Jonny was pretty quiet but was cool, top form.


I was even more pleased when they got up again, this time to play Fake Plastic Trees, fantastic. Great little version of it, just as effective live as on the CD.


Anyone else see this? I woulda shot myself if I hadda missed it. Oh and their on Jools Holland next week.


*Heads over to Fakeplastic.com to make sure no missing of any Radiohead event will happen again, this was TOO close*

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