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I Hate Coldplay

a few words

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Yeah, I said it. I hate Coldplay. It seems like all the hip music people and the non-hip alike love this group that I absolutely despise beyond any words.


To give some perspective, I resolved to not care about music I didn't like years ago. Sort of a live and let live philosophy. To each his own. Hell, I made my peace with rap. I still don't like it, but I allow it an artform status.


But Coldplay has broken me. Every day, I hear that cracking nasal voice at least three to four times on a station in Atlanta that I otherwise like. It reeks with a pompous additude of martyred-by-angsty-sadness that makes my skin crawl. A while ago, the station kept proclaiming them the "Successors to U2" which, even though I'm not a big fan, I found to be an outrage.


My story begins during my freshman year in college. I decided to study for my Calc final in the student center... the Music Listening Room, located near the couches, played their hit song (I don't know the name, but I call it the eeeeEEEEE aaaaAAAAA song) at least twice an hour. The fact that this song makes me think of freshman calculus every time I hear it only stokes the fire of my rage.


Next, and I don't remember exactly when I heard this. But they were playing a sound clip of a concert they had. With unbridled narcisism, the lead singer proclaimed that, as a special treat for their fans, "Mr. Elton John" was there to play the piano part for the eeeEEEE aaaaaAAAA song. For those of you who can't figure out which song I'm talking about, it has a piano part that I, a non-piano player, could play with my left hand while reading a newspaper and beating my head against a wall. Very silly ego massaging to have a man of that talent playing it. Also, thats SIR Elton John to you, moron.


Later, I heard that he thanked his imaginary friend on his CD. OK OK we get it, you're a self absorbed depressed loner who uses this to justify filling my radio with sad nasal voice cracking.


Just now, they played two songs of theirs in a row with the eeeEEE aaaAAA song as the finale.


Also, Michael Stipe is a much better singer than you, shut the hell up and play the piano.


Alright, I'm done.




that bloke fuckin lost it

read d rest folks

lol lol lol lol

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^ i was worried at first i thought this was you ha ha


wow i do feel sorry for him ( the calc part- must be horrible to have to remember that when coldplay is played- apparently it is played often), apart from that no sympathy.


your avi makes me think that thats what the guy would be doing when he hears the eeeEEE aaaAAA song LOL.

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Well...My friend also doubt me why I love coldplay? He think their music is too soft.(He like solid rock).But the reason is very simple. Their music could make me happy. And recent I read an article. It said " Happy become luxury nowadays in the world" I couldn't agree more.


But just like other people say you have your right to like or hate coldplay.

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Well you must understand that people hate coldplay. But maybe its the fault of the radio stations. they played the hardest part to many!!!


But those people don't know coldplay that i know

I mean i still love the coldplay from in the beginning more than the songs now


bigger stronger , high speed were such an unique sound .


I think now they just sound to commercial (can't explain this)lol

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Well, I understand if some people think Coldplay's music is too soft - but I'm really sick of that cliché that Coldplay songs are ALWAYS ballads and melodramatic, sad songs, you know..


My brother actually says every single day "You're a depressed person because you listen to depressing bands" - he comes in, hears Coldplay, shakes his head and says "You're gonna end up jumping off a building when you keep listening to these songs" :P

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i can understand him, cause honestly one year ago i also dind't like coldplay too much. But then i began really listening to the music and started liking. Now for me Coldplay is Music + friend with best advices, which always cheers me up.

And Coldplay songs are not necessarily depressing. The most lyrics built me up (Everythings Not Lost, Fix You, Spies (when you listen till the end), and so on)

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everyone has a right to opinion, but the part that really got to me was about playing the piano part with his head banging against the wall, reading a newspaper...wtf?


he's talkinga bout clocks, right?


I have no idea. Does Clocks have an "EAHDJNSJKRTN" in it? (I'm too lazy to go back and reread what that dude said, so I'm making it up.)

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