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dont kill me for asking this question but what do you ....


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umm... you know that britain hasn't actually been ruled by a monarchy since 1832' date=' right? :P[/quote']




yes. mind you I DO live in the UK, so its just as well I do know :roll: :lol:


well, the question was directed toward the person who started the thread, but it's good that you know that anyway. :P

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About Politics..


Let's all hope that the great band COLDPLAY delves no further into politics than Track 1 on "A rush of Blood..", which is of course "Politik". I hate when people who know NEXT TO NOTHING about something pretend that they are all of a sudden experts on said subject..


ALSO..it is purely amazing that a main reason, if not the ONLY reason, people are so free to express themselves in any way they like, is the work of the USA Government over the past few hundred years...but, alas, for some reason, everyone else seems to hate us and our government.. If yer one of those people, FUG YA!!!! We don't really care...We will continue to be THE GREATEST NATION IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!



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what gives you the idea that they know "next to nothing" about politics? people who don't have political science degrees are allowed to have opinions too. i've also never seen anything that seems to suggest that coldplay hate americans and our government either. if you're referring to chris martin's anti-war stance, it's merely that. it's not a vendetta against everything america stands for (as so many people seem to interpret it, even when fellow americans are anti-war).

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I never said Coldplay was anti-anything!! I just said..I hate when people who know next to nothing about politics (like 99.9 % of bands who open their mouths...see: Dixie Chicks) all of a sudden become famous from music, movies, TV, etc., and they think they have all the answers....If they were all so smart, they might want to consider running for office, and put their money where their mouths are, and really make a difference..I think I remember 1 actor who had ideas and opinions, and he went on to pursue politics... I believe his name was RONALD REAGAN... otherwise, will all musicians, actors, etc., please continue to do what you do best, which is, make music, movies, entertainment, etc., and STFU about politics!!



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