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how far does coldplay donate?


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at first i want to say that coldplays charity projects are great as you can also see in this forum. but i would like to know, wether coldplay is donating a lot of money too... i mean they are certainly making a lot of money, they could probably donate over 50% from their money and still have a very very good life standard. it would be a little confusing when chris is always trying to make us to give money, but does not do that himself. because there are a lot of people out there who do so. if they would give a 30% of their money, instead of always talking and talking about these things, they could really change the world. so:

how much does coldplay donate from their money?

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i don't know why no one answers. maybe because everyone knows it or no one does...however i found out:

" In their early years, Coldplay was also widely noted in the media for their claim to give 10% of their band's profits to charity. Bassist Guy Berryman says, "You can make people aware of issues. It isn't very much effort for us at all, but if it can help people, then we want to do it". "


this is much better than many other artists, although they could do more...but i do not want to... well you know. it is great what coldplay is doing. maybe they will spend more in the future, when they know that they have enough money for their rest life.


from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coldplay#Political_and_social_activism

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I don't know how much Coldplay donates.. but I know they have made ARoBttH and X&Y both CarbonNeutral after they realized that carbon dioxide is created in production.. and they've planted thousands of Mango trees in India, and supported forest preservation in Mexico and have made forest conservation projects in Ecuador, which have preserved tons of endangered/threatened species.


As for amounts that they donate, I actually prefer not knowing. Sometimes that kind of thing is private and I'm sure there's people that will twist their efforts around and say they don't give enough, they do it for publicity or just for show.. and so on. It's much better when one just knows they give, and that's that.

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