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does anyone watch JERICHO.............


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I know I do. addicted to the frecken show :P


so If you do watch it what do you think so far. alls I know is that jake better get together with either heather or emily. either jake and emily get back together or make her jealous by going with heather mohaha :sneaky:


loving the plot to by the way lol.


comments peoples. :D

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i caught the 1st episode but it really didn't grab me. the 2nd ep i was half/half. i haven't watched it since although my dad is really in to it.

personally, the plot is really unbelievable and a few of the cast members annoy me lol that seems harsh but true. maybe after a few weeks i'll get in to it and become an addicted fan lol so there is hope yet.

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I've only seen a couple of eps, and they were out of sequence, so I'm not completely on track with the plot. It looks good, but I'm going to rent it on DVD, so I'm avoiding anymore eps on TV. Sorry to hear they're only making 2 seasons. I'd have liked to see the character development and evolution.

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