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Homosexual people


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Personally, I dont mind people being homosexual, at all, Im not a bible waving prick or anything. Homosexual people usually have the greatest personalities and therefore I like being around them, their nice people like that.


But a lot of homosexuals (Meaning ones that I know) have a tendancy to be incredibly dirty, in inappropriate moments. One morning, in town, coffee place me and my now ex girlfriend were there, I had a breakfast seeing as I dont like coffee and she had a coffee, or tea, whatever. Her friends older brother happened to be sitting in the booth infront of us and she just recognised him and tapped him on the shoulder and yadda yadda, so he turned around and talked to us, which was fine.


He was polite, quite funny, bubbly, I sorta met him before but didnt know him too well. It was all good, and then this guy sat across the room from us and the gay dude was talking fine and then he suddenly sprang a boner that nearly knocked our coffee table over (Not literally, sheesh).


He just started talking about how sexy he thought he was, which was ok at first but a few minutes after when the guy got his coffee our gay friend was like "Hmmm... He's taking cream, you think he likes male cream or female cream? Id sure like to give him my cream haha" and my girlfriend kinda laughed, and I was like- God, you just dont say things like that.


I dont get it, and this wasnt like the only gay guy Ive met/heard about like this, does being gay give you the right to be absolutely disgusting? I mean, if I was sitting infront of my friend and his girlfriend, and a hot girl sat across the room, what would be their reaction if I said "WOW LOOK AT THOSE LEGS ID LOVE TO CUM ALL OVER THAT BODY!!!!!!"


My thought for the day.

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i'm biseuxal..but i'm that rude to guys and girls, though i say it in a way that it's obvious i'm joking...


although camp gay guys do piss me off, and the reuptation they give people like me is one i hate....

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Because of my religion I am not supposed to defend the gay lifestyles and what not...just as I'm not supposed associate with someone who fornicates alot either..but I will not condemn them to hell nor will I say I hate them...some of them are nice and very hilarious...but I dont have any gay friends nor do I intend to. ..I will tolerate them if I have to work with you or do something with or if I have to come in contact with you..through another friend or whatever ...

I'm an not a homophobe or a gay hater or anything like that..thats just my religion and so on..

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actually the christian bible says nothing of the sort, we've had this discussion in so many RE classes over the years,


besides which is biologoical, there's nothing that can be done about it...


and...jesus surrounded himself with men only, and they spent vast amounts of time together..i reckon they all had jerk off compitions around camp fires and you know..did things together :lol:

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reilly- careful man... that's over-generalisation...


I made it quite clear that I know that being gay doesnt automatically make you rude, and I realise that. Its just there are a hell of a lotta gay people that act like that.


Rock on about religion Phil, true that.


Its why the Bible is the worst book ever written, how ironic that IT must have caused the most violence and contreversy above anything else. I mean it, its the thing that truly sparks off opposition for the ages to come, thank you Bible.

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well being a christian the bible tells me how I should live my life and what kind of things are right and wrong...and it condems alot of thngs including gay lifestyles..


i think that people should form their own beliefs rather than being told what they should think..


besides- the bible has a hell of a lot of contradictory teachings- a collection of books written by different people- many of which have no relevance to the modern world. christianity is fundamentally there to make it's followers better people- you can make up your own mind how to interpret these texts- people are intelligent.

although not religious myself, i've studied it a great deal more than even most christians i know, and it is taught that we're all equal. my take on it is this: you are attracted to men- freddie mercury was attracted to men too. only he had a penis.


besides, the bible tells me to love my fellow man, so what is that telling me to do ;) (j/k)

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one thing that frustrates.. no, angers me intensely is when i see Ian Paisley on television screaming about 'the infernal act of buggery' and it's evils... for god's sake man, (literally) actually read the book and get your head out of your arse...

it has once been said that the only thing which should be tolerated is intolerance itself...

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a high profile northern irish protestant minister- the hardest of the hardcore. he's a complete monster. if you've seen the family guy episode with peter's father- that's what he sounds like...


edit: i had put catholic by mistake

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