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Homosexual people


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I think I can be quite rude myself, and I'm a girl, and I am not gay! :D :oops:


Anyway, I do agree that religion should be served as a guide for you to explore your own thoughts, but not to be "instructions" as Phil said it.

Like if I come slap your face, are you really gonna give me the other cheek to be slapped?? :-o

Many things in the bible or whatever religious writing have great values in them, often they were written a long time ago, and don't completely apply to us in 21st century. When Jesus was a carpenter, there was no AIDS or air pollution!

I mean afterall, it was PEOPLE that wrote these books and PEOPLE that translated them in different versions/ languages. Meanings of things could have been changed or distorted from the original ideas.

I just think judging a person from one aspect of his/her life that has little relevnce to others is not fair. It would just be unfair if I don't want to associate myself with someone cos he/she has had an abortion cos some religious group think it is a sin.


Sorry this is so long, and I know it's a bit off from the original post Reilly! I do respect others have their opinion on this, I'm just having this long thought after yours... :oops: ;)

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i have nothing against gay people


as long as one of them doesn't try and chat me up :shock:


i used to get heat at uni for not being 'manly' enough which used to annoy me, i just don't see why you have to act like an asshole to prove your a bloke :shrug:

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Homosexual people usually have the greatest personalities and therefore I like being around them, their nice people like that.


It's true. One of my best friends is gay and he's the finest gent i know. :)


amen amen reilly...laura you stole my quote!! just kidding...i know a homosexual guy and he is probably the NICEST guy i know right now....he isnt sexually explicit though....none of my friends gay or straight really are....so...he is an awsome human being though

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but one thing i dont get it why its okay for a girl and guy to kiss in public but when a gay couple do it is absurd....like heterosexual people would be looking at them going "yuck" when homosexuals look at us kissing (guy and girl) and might say "yuck" society has fooked with the mind of alot of people and it isnt right :shrug: :roll:

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of course i'm joking


in all seriousness i'm bi because i fall for people personalities over anything else, so if i like them as a person, their looks matter not to me.


that's why i hate the stereotyped "oh he's fit..lets shag him" that gay people have..


and meh

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I have a lot of BI friends more so than gay ones.. yadda... and to tell you the truth I have this theory that bi ppl are some of the most compassionate ppl out there... cause they purely fall for the soul and not what the other person HOLDs or does not hold. ;) :D

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