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F*cking MEN!


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Women Suck!! and they blow too sometimes...


oh sorry, is this in the wrong thread??


:roll: it's a lovely day. Screw the opposite sex and have fun on yer own!!!


here endeth the lesson... :shrug: :lol:

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I don't hate men...women suck just as much. Women are straight up bitches to eachother, and use men, its sick. I'm not saying all of us. I love men actually. I would much rather hang out with guys over girls. :shrug:

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yeah i know what you mean. :D

with girls you always have to worry about if they're gonna go talk about you when you;'re gone :? well most of them anyway :shrug:


but because guys dont worry as much it's easier to be more laid back 8)


.......but it still doesnt help my problem with my "friend"

*cries and stamps foot*

*considers going to "friends" house and just kissing him and getting it over with :shock: *





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