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the hollywood bowl show WAS on mix 99.9


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and i fucking missed it! i'm so pissed off right now. i turned on the radio when they were playing yellow, so all i've got to hear was yellow, the scientist, clocks, in my place & amsterdam. i'm pissed because i didn't know about this BEFORE the show started so i could tape it :x :( :sad:


and to top it all off my father fucked up the computer today so i have to re-format it tomorrow and lose all of my mp3s :( so i'm going to be bugging you people to send me coldplay stuff :(

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that sucks doesn't it.

exactly the same thing happened to me but u got to hear two more song then i did. my friend was driving back to edmonton from calgary and got to hear the whole show, and the whole time she wanted to call me but she didn't have her cell with her. arrrggg. and then when she got home and called me, i turned it on half way through clocks to the end of the show. i was soooo sad.

i hate not hearing about things like that earlier and then missing them. arrgggg. it made me so pissed. :sad:

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Thanks Laura' date=' and I found out today that I'm going to be out of town when BLUR are in Toronto :cry: :sad: :([/quote']


That sucks!!!! When are Blur in town?? :shock:


there are here july 21st. tickets go on sale thursday!

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