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PLU Show @ China Club June 12th


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Listened to and recorded most of the set @ the China Club in Times Square this past week: wondering what/when the collaboration with Johnny Cash that Christ Martin spoke about will be released.


According to Mr. Martin, the band recently "layed their parts down" and are currently waiting for Mr. Cash to complete his part to a song/single(?) entitled "til Kingdom Come"


On a side note, it was interesting to hear Mr. Buckland refer to the amount of NEW Coldplay material written during the most recent tours as being enough for a "Triple Album"; although that'll never happen, I know I wouldn't mind...


China Club Acoustic Setlist: (correct me if I'm wrong, it was played on radio in this order)

- In My Place

- Yellow

- Don't Panic

- The Scientist

- Clocks

- Amsterdam

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I started recording at about yellow onto audiocassette...so I missed In My Place...


I'm trying to figure out the easiest way of getting the audio cassette audio into my computer in the first place....any recommendations?


If able to I'll convert them over to MP3 or WAV sometime down the road...


Did anyone else record the whole show?

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I taped the show but do not know if i taped the whole thing i fell asleep while listening to the concert. I can copy what i have and send to someone who can get it on their computer. My computer at home is down so at the moment I can not get it from the tape to the computer 8)

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Some people asked such STUPID questions. Obviously not true fans. Like "what is that that you have written on your hand?" and "how do you feel about the fact that Parachutes was not well received in the US?" i swear i saw chris mouth "it was" and look at Jonny. And this one dopey lady asked "In your video for politik, how did you do that backwards thing?" obviously meaning the scientist. Chris corrected her, but then when he went to sing the scientist, he jokingly called it Politik. It was quite funny. And this one guy really pissed me off, because when chris was looking around to see who was asking him a question in the pretty decent sized crowd, the guy was like "HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOO over here! YOO HOO" very rude. I dont even know what he asked i was so mad. I had a brilliant question to ask, and kept getting passed over. I am a TRUE fan. LOL

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