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well. Rich is out of rehab so they'll probably get back to recording a new record soon. The reason their last record did so bad was because he went into rehab when they were going to go on tour, and they couldn't release any videos because their lead singer was gone.

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yea. that song is really catchy.


Richard got the idea for that song from his problem with doing things in his sleep, like one time when he was on an airplane, he undressed himself almost completely naked. The song is actually about how most of our mistakes are made in the insignifcant things we don't notice ourselves doing. It's pretty good!

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This band is brilliant. Title Of Record is their best album.


A lot of you probably haven't heard of them, but trust me, everybody has heard the song "Hey Man, Nice Shot" by this band.


Filter have a very sharp sound to them, and I like that. My favorite song by them has to be Take A Picture, or The Only Way Is The Wrong Way, oh yea, and how that song didn't get released as a single is beyond me.

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hey man nice shot :cool:





i've liked them through the years. never really got into them, but they were always around when i need something to listen to.


actually what made me come to this thread was i put my media player on random and the best things came up :D

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