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How do you find new music?


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So one day i was messing around on my StumbleUpon (quite possibly the best thing ever created for the internet) and I came across Haystack. It's like, a social networking site based around finding music. How cool is that?? I started to realize a couple days ago when my ipod was playing in my friend's car that pretty much all my music now comes from being on there.


Where do you find new stuff to listen to?

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by new music i thought you meant music of recent years


rather than bands that have been around for 50 years yet you just haven't listened to


i think the music of now is particularly poor


the OO'S have been a poor decade for music in my opinion


i wouldn't say there were that many rememberable bands


obviously someone can inform me


please don't say coldplay, i completely forgot about the forum i was posting on


music from the 70s is still popular now but whether the music of now will be popular in 40 years time is quite a question in itself

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Lately, it seems my music tastes have grown considerably from recommendations on here or last.fm. Also when I start to get into a band, I look up many of the artists that they are associated with/sound like....


Never heard of this Haystack site though - may check it out. (and yes, StumbleUpon is a source of endless fun, isn't it?)

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Pandora always works for me. Obscure Indie Blog, another music blog from MSU and just randomly seaching blogger with keywords like " best of the week music" or " my recent favorite band"



Listening to a random radio station on iTunes.


BUT if you are up for a good challenge, then get your research skills working and go on myspace and just start with your favorite bands and check their top friends and just network around. I've found at least 10 new music acts that I have no idea how I could live without them now!

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