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Whooop! Well done Ian it's only taken you nearly 6 years! Being busy maintaining such an active forum is no excuse :P


You'll have to make sure the 20,000th is something special. Maybe we could bring back Albie to commemorate the special occasion! :idea2: :dance:

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You're about as close to 20,000 as I am to 10,000! I have a special post planned, but since you're the original Coldplayer, you'll have to come up with something REALLY amazing! (lol)


Or just, y'know, a release date or something!;)


It's actually funny to me that you're the site owner and yet several other ppl have higher post-counts than you. Guess it's because you don't make a habit of spamming your own board, eh?:lol:


EDIT: Actually, you're way closer...sorry. I mis-read when I posted this!

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