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Coldplay in The Netherlands this november?!!!


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Dat stond paar maanden geleden ook op WikiPedia, inmiddels niet meer te zien.

Ik zie deze datum wel op meerdere sites.


Hopen dat het waar is, lekker paar kilometer van huis!:D


English: Few months ago also found this on WikiPedia, it is removed there.

I also saw this date on more websites.


Last Dutch phrase... not important. :laugh3:


EDIT: € 110 for a ticket? :stunned::o too many i think to go with the family.

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question as coldplay fan sice x&y release:

how much is ca. a ticket (stand) for an ordinary concert?

much is ok, but 110€ would be too much for me


In 2005 I paid 35 euro's for the Gelredome gig, but I would not be surprised they would make it a €45+ price this time.

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I saw this on a Dutch website (quite reliable and well known site in Holland):


Event: Coldplay

Date: 9 - 11 - 2008

Location: Gelredome, Arnhem

Price: € 110,-






I really want to believe it's true :D


Wow if it's true and the price is really 110€, I'd say it's an unbounded cheek! I would never pay so much money for a concert...

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Last time the offical site site up a spare ticket section as long as the tickets were sold at face value. This was really good, and I got a ticket for a 2nd night. Which turned out to be the 1st of 2 concerts that I went to coldplay play at.

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