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  1. Just watching this video: Is it just me or has Guy had some work done to the top row of his teeth? They look slightly too large for his mouth. Never noticed this before. Maybe he had an accident?
  2. Have searched on the forum and it doesn't look like anyone has mentioned this yet (sorry in advance if someone has!). Rescue Street. Hear Chris talk about it very briefly in this video: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7ER5QMuAuQ]Interview: Coldplay (Part Two) - YouTube[/ame] Chris says it "sounded horrific".
  3. Coldplay's first website? Just found this: http://www.angelfire.com/ne/coldplay/index.html I know it says it's a fansite but it appears to give Phil's actual email address on the Contacts page. It also mentions a couple of new song titles (Waiting In Line and The Blue Room). Is Claire Smith someone who works with the band? Or used to?
  4. During a Radio 1 documentary on the early years of the band Chris spoke about a time that him and Will went busking when they were students and they played a couple of Simon & Garfunkel songs before being moved along. Chris has also mentioned that the opening line of Violet Hill was written during his time at UCL. Anyway, I was listening to I Am a Rock by Simon & Garfunkel today and noticed that the opening lyrics are quite similar to Violet Hill's. "A winter's day, in a deep and dark December/I am alone, gazing from my window to the streets below/On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow" "Was a long and dark December/From the rooftops I remember/There was snow/White snow/Clearly I remember/From the windows they were watching/While we froze down below" Looks like he was inspired...
  5. Running Man is Charlie Brown. That's my hunch.
  6. I have to say, I find Sparks to be quite a boring song. Fucking love Teardrop.
  7. I think I'm coming at it from a completely different angle to a few people on this thread. Where Coldplay started from was less my kind of music (I hardly ever listen to Parachutes or AROBTTH) but I love Viva la Vida and ETIAW. Can't wait for the album.
  8. By doing this I don't think Coldplay are saying they are against the Israeli people, I think they are saying they are against the actions of the Israeli government. I think they're right in doing this.
  9. Don't you think the source you referenced might be slightly biased?
  10. I'm sorry, but I fully support Coldplay doing this. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/may/31/israel-pr-victory-images-war
  11. Not sure if this has been said already but ... On the Xfm X-posure interview- broadcast around the release of Viva- just after Yes has been played Guy describes the strings at the start of the song as "Arabesque" and Chris says something like "nice pointer to the future, Guy, I like what you've done there" (I don't have the interview to hand, maybe someone who has can check?) Elsewhere in the interview Chris says that when they've finished making an album they are quite sure of where they want to go next, so putting two and two together (and that more recent interview where Chris said he wanted to record in Asia) maybe LP5 will have more of an Eastern feel?
  12. I think the lyrics to 42 are quite interesting. Certainly better than pre-VLV.
  13. lostsides


    ? You are a dark person.
  14. I don't dislike X&Y at all but, in my opinion, any more of that style and it would get boring - I think they needed outside intervention.
  15. They used to be rock, now they're pop. --- Is that a bad thing? I don't think they were ever truly 'rock'. Sure, Viva la Vida is quite a poppy track but what else on the album is pop? They use to be endearingly self-depricating, now it just seems insincere. --- I think this is because they're so much bigger than they were that any attempts at self-deprecation just screams insincere. I agree with you but it's only Chris that really does this. Chris used to hang out with Tim from Ash, now it's Jay-Z. --- How do you know this? Have you been stalking Chris? Has Chris deleted Tim on Facebook? Aww... Guy used to be a raging alcohol diva, now he just takes photos. --- Is this not just a huge over-simplification of his life based on what you read about him on your computer? It used to go "I'm gonna buy a gun and start a war, if you can tell me something worth fighting for", now it goes "those who are dead are not dead, they're just living in my head." --- What's your point? Lyrics from two Coldplay songs. First is slightly clunky, second a bit more like stoner poetry. They used to wear pants and a t-shirt, now they wear costumes. --- If you make an effort on stage your music suddenly becomes awful? Someone should tell Bjork, Bowie, Madonna, U2, etc. Jonny used to have his amazing slide solos, now he gets nothing. --- He used to have one. In AROBTTH. Live. Now he gets solos on most of new album. Chris used to idolize Radiohead, now he idolizes Beyonce. --- I think they still do idolize Radiohead, they just don't rip them off as much. Which, in my opinion, is a good thing. I think they just have more idols now than they used to. At The Bakery don't they have framed pictures of John Lennon, PJ Harvey, Bjork, Mozart, Jay-Z etc.? Chris used to be able to hit all the notes, now he just dances. --- Lovers in Japan has the highest note he's ever sung and he hits it pretty much every night. I think it's easier to hit all the notes if you stand still. But, in front of 20-30,000 people, it's also less interesting to watch. Also, they started using pre-recorded tracks on the AROBTTH tour so why is it a problem now? It's pretty much standard practice anyway.
  16. I think after X&Y Coldplay needed to be pushed and needed new people in their 'group' (Brian Eno, Davide Rossi, Jon Hopkins) to make a new sound. But I agree Insides is an immense album and I'd love to see Jon Hopkins do more Coldplay stuff with Eno.
  17. In this thread 'old' is everything up to, and including, AROBTTH. 'New' is X&Y onwards. Maybe they didn't change sound that much on X&Y but it was the first record where you could tell they were trying to go down different avenues.
  18. I know 'old' and 'new' aren't that descriptive but it's just an easy way of referring to CP then and CP now. Viva la Vida (the song) is quite poppy - no bad thing - but I agree, the album itself is no more pop than their other stuff, maybe even less so. It might have to do with most of the songs being three to four minutes long? I don't understand how wearing make-up and 'weird' clothes makes the music mean less? Maybe the same people who think this want the band to make Parachutes 2 and go back to UCL.
  19. Agreed. Agreed 2. There's so much more to 'new' Coldplay. P and AROBTTH are good records but if they'd stayed the same I don't think I would like them as much and they certainly wouldn't be one of my favourite bands. I just think Viva is better than the other albums in pretty much every way. I'd love it if they topped it and I think they can.
  20. From NME.com: Natalie Imbruglia has announced details of her forthcoming new studio album, which features three co-writes with Coldplay. The album, entitled 'Come To Life', will be released on October 5. It will be preceded by a single, 'Want', on September 28. The single is a Coldplay co-write, as are album tracks 'Lukas' and 'Fun'. 'Lukas' was produced by Brian Eno, with Blur and Elbow collaborator Ben Hillier helming the remaining songs. Imbruglia will play a gig at the London Luminaire venue on August 12 – which has sold out. http://www.nme.com/news/natalie-imbruglia/46405
  21. Goodbye and Goodnight. The rest are OK.
  22. I think they're from quite a while back - 2005/6 apparently. THANKS PEREJRO FOR THE DEMOS!
  23. Are all these demos from December 2005? Wasn't "Lovers in Japan" first written whilst Coldplay were in Japan in 2006? I remember Chris saying he first had the idea in a park in Tokyo or something in one of the interviews for VlV.
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