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I'm not too sure where I should post this... it doesn't exactly come under the description that The Instrument Room gives, so it goes here.


So, I'm having trouble writing a song called Alpha/Beta. And this is probably a bit of a stupid thread, because I myself feel stupid for it.


So far, I've got:

Alpha Beta

I'll feel better


And that's it.


This is seriously pissing me off. I've had this idea for over a month now and I STILL can't think of ANYTHING good to put in there. It's so frustrating... I figured the song may as well be about starting something, but I can't think of what. I can't get any inspiration at all... when I try to write some of it, I just end up ripping up the paper. I put my pen to the paper, and nothing comes out. This is extremely strange for me, considering I'm a natural at writing stories, but not songs. I've tried writing them before and they come up as absolute crap. I won't take "maybe you're good at something else" crap, because I'm not. Sure, I'm a decent singer. Sure, I can draw. But that was after one friggin year of drawing and I wasn't as frustrated as I am now.


Enough to make anyone's blood boil.


...this feels kind of stupid to ask of... but any sort of tips for finding some sort of inspiration? I seriously can't think. All I've got is a chunk of sadness and frustration from recent events and the phrase "Alpha/Beta". And Coldplay song lyrics, that DON'T HELP ;_;

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Says one that is visiting a forum for a band.


Just had to point that out for some reason :\


I think what hes saying is don't just write a coldplay song. You can be influenced, but don't write a coldplay song, make sure you have your own spin on it.

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