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I think I can speak for nearly everyone who is a part of the coldplaying.com community when I say that this week has been thrilling for us. I imagine it has probably been pretty exciting for the Coldplay family, too.


We've had four consecutive days of new information. There has been lots of confusion and discussion but mostly we are excited to hear the music you have been creating.


Make this week a clean sweep and give us the promised tracklisting today. We'd be ever so grateful.


One of your many loyal fans,



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I thought it was just a message complimenting them! And then, the last sentence... haha.


I think we should be grateful for the amount of information we've got already, and to be honest I wouldn't mind if Prospekt postpones the message until next week. But if he sticks to his word, the I think we might be getting the tracklisting today.


And I can't help thinking I've started a trend with these messages to Coldplay :laugh1: Oh what have I done! I'm such a bad influence.

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yeah, ive been too excited to fall asleep properly all week! that's a persisting problem with me, actually, but rarely because i'm excited! and once i do fall asleep, it's very nice sleep because i'm so happeeee...


a clean sweep for this week would make me so happy i wouldn't know what to do anymore! i suppose anything can happen, since we've gotten something FOUR DAYS in a row, but i'm not too optimistic.

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