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Radiohead's fans i need an information


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lol David

i just found an article about it somewhere in the internet

and as they say in nobody knows about what he said and nobody will know except the director and radiohead, that's funny even if it's inbearable to not know:dozey:



"In the video for this song, we see Radiohead playing in a flat overlooking a street, while subtitled events take place below. A man decides to lie down in the middle of the pavement. Another man trips over the man lying down on the pavement and starts talking to him. After a while there is a crowd gathered around the man and they all want to know why he's lying in the middle of the pavement. Eventually he decides to tell them, after warning them of the danger. At that point the subtitles are turned off. Whatever it is he says, makes everybody in the crowd lie down too. At this point the band come and look out of the window to see what's going on. Radiohead and the director have never revealed what the man says to make him and everyone else drop to the floor and it has been the topic of much debate for years. No one truly knows except for Jamie Thraves (the director) and the Radiohead gang and no matter how many times asked, they promise to never tell the true thought. There are a lot of theories however. Some people think that it something deeply philosophical that makes you think very hard - enough to make you want to stop to think about it. For the same reason some think it is a fantastic riddle. Thom Yorke has said that the man does say something thought up by the band and its not something that will turn out to be that he said nothing understandable. Jamie Thraves has also refused to say, but has said that it would probably have the same sort of effect on the audience if we knew. Who knows if we will ever find out, for now we just have to guess."

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