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Into the Wild


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Into the Wild has had a notable impact on my life and personal philosophies. I gladly accept any criticisms about the book because I myself am pissed off that Chris made one small mistake that cost him his life. I have much more to say on the topic, but would like to hear what everyone else thinks too.


Also, what do you predict would've happened had he escaped the wildnerness?

Also, if you had a coldplay song that reminds you of the book, what would it be?


I haven't thought of it too much but Politik would be my pick.

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The book was much better than the movie. It was sad that he met so many good people on his voyage and could of made a nice life for himself somewhere, but, he found out a little too late that being alone in the wilderness isn't all it's cracked up to be. I wish he would of got saved and got a second chance at life. We all have crazy thoughts and do dumb things when we are young.

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