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License suspended

Matter-Eater Lad

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I just got my license suspended for an unpaid ticket and I have to show the courthouse my Registration. I have to drive 2 hours to the courthouse in another county to show them and then pay a fine to get my license back, or at least I hope I can get my license back....:shocked2:

Anyone else have their license suspended before?

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if you get caught:laugh3:


So, I won't get caught.... I don't think ill be able to find anyone to drive me to class tomorrow because all my friends are busy all day with their classes and work. I should be fine driving around town, but im not risking driving 2 hours to a courthouse, I'll have someone drive me there.

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Don't spill this to the British Government, they'll jump on the idea to beat the jam :dozey:


So what if they work out another way to bully the 32 million motorists into giving the Scotish more money?


Will taking away licenses stop people from driving?

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