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Things I really want to do....

Maria C

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I really really really want to:


Go to New York

Slide down a really really really long banister without being hurt

Run up a downstairs escalator really quickly

Do an Elton John and just be able to buy cd's for my various houses round the world.

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very simple really. All I want is to be happy with the love of my life by my side(I will find him one day), be comfortable with money and be able to buy HMV out by the time I am 30! That's all. I don't ask for much! :lol:

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Those are the main aims in my life but things I just have to have done before I die are:


snowboarding - looks amazing

skydiving - as above (my dad used to be a para in the Falklands so had a bit of an obsession with that)

go to Las Vegas with a £1000 and see what happens

meet a certain famous band:wink:

travel the world (especially australia/new zealand, honk kong, india, egypt the list goes on and on)


Anyway last post tonight. Tara fer noo!

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yeah i would like to meet a certain band too....


let me see so far in my mind what i want to do is...


finish school

get a good job...


and hopefully make all my anxiety go away so i can meet someone to be with forever.


sliding down a banister sounds fun...i would do that at my house, but it has this weird thing at the end that would probably hurt me...anyways i'm too scare to slide down the thing.

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Things I wnt to do


Hi! I'm new, so I thought I would jump right in here. Things I want to do....


Spend the rest of my life with my lova girl

Travel the world

See my brothers band succeed

See Coldplay in concert(I will give my right arm)

And be happy in general

That's just about it:D

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Phew. Lots of soul-searching there. I would like to fly in Concorde, go into outer space where I could see the curve of the earth and see the stars above me. I would like to share amazing experiences with someone I feel comfortable with all the time. I would like to dance and sing in front of a thousand people who are all rooting for me - and do it well. I would love to see Coldplay live and also Rammstein. I want to kiss Chris Martin on the cheek and tell him what a wonderful person he is. I want a Red Setter and a horse and enough money to never feel anxious again. I want to afford to have my car resprayed so I don't watch it deteriorate before my eyes. I want someone who makes me feel it's Christmas Eve every night.

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I want to kiss Chris Martin on the cheek and tell him what a wonderful person he is.


i'd like to do that too....but not to chris....well yeah chris too. :roll:



wow you have a lot of stuff you'd like to get done.

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I guess I never answered the question earlier...


I would like to quit my job and get into the grad school I want and go there!

I would like to not have to worry about money... I don't mean to be rich, just money I can live comfortably...

I want to see many more Coldplay gigs...

I want to be happy, and have friends around...

I want to travel more...

This one sounds generic, but I do really like world peace. :(

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Vicky that sounds lovely!


I really want to...

Finish school and get accepted to university

Be happy with my life

Fall in love (everyone has said it but it's true)

Win the lottery

Buy a car, electric though or at least an energy efficient one

Expand my CD collection


And meet all of you :)

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yeah .....if i had money i would quit school and do everything i wanna do now....


if i didnt go to school and if i had money....i would pay coldplay to do a concert for us and fly you all over to party.


I was just recenly day dreaming about what would I do if I won an insane amount of money. And I was thinking I would fly all of my favourite forum people to somewhere and Coldplay would give us a special performance. I would assume they would play a show for $1 million. I was thinking somewhere in the Carribean so we could all have a little vacation. BUT this was a daydream and I don't think I am going to win the lottery any time soon :roll:

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you never know....you could...i would love to also win the lottery....i dont know why but i would prefer not to be in school...anyways i draw...and do photography....i dont think i need a big education for those two....i already know how to do both very well....and i know how to make a living off of both.


ah why the hell am i in school in the first place :roll: ....its just slowing me down :x

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