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EMI confirms the entire title: VIVA LA VIDA OR DEATH AND ALL HIS FRIENDS


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Coldplay's long awaited new album 'Viva La Vida' is released on 16 June


Coldplay release their fourth album Viva La Vida or, to give it its full title, Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends on Parlophone Records on June 16.


The album comprises 10 brand new tracks, recorded in London, Barcelona and New York with producers Brian Eno and Markus Dravs.


The track listing is:

1. Life In Technicolor

2. Cemeteries Of London

3. Lost!

4. 42

5. Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love

6. Yes

7. Viva La Vida

8. Violet Hill

9. Strawberry Swing

10. Death And All His friends


Viva La Vida follows the hugely successful album X&Y, which has sold 10 million copies since its release in 2005.


Source: http://www.emigroup.com/Press/2008/press46.htm

Thanks to Gabriele (Gabri), webmaster of Coldplayzone.it (my boss!!!:D)

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It's great to finally know the actual official title, but I'm a little disappointed that the tilte is still so long. I was hoping they would just shorten it to "Viva La Vida". Oh well, maybe the way it will be written on the album will be like "Viva La Vida/Death and All His Friends" I think it would look okay that way.

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the slash makes it look so much better! at least then it makes some sense. An or/and turns it into a tacky statement that makes no sense.



the title makes sense viva la vida means long live life so think of it as this


Long life live or death and all his friends



basically saying ! long live life or long live death !


and all his friends!!! get it:smug:

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