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I Met Barack Obama


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I know this is kind of a spam thread, and I know "met" is sort of the wrong verb, but I'm so ecstatic that I just have to share :D


I went to a Barack Obama rally today in the capitol of PA, where I go to uni, and it was just the most amazing night I've ever had. I'm not going to go off on a political rant, but let's just say I've been a huge, overenthusiastic Barack Obama supporter since February 2007, and tonight I FINALLY got to see him speak.


I shook his hand TWICE, and he looked me in the eye for over two seconds and said "thank you." I managed to splutter out a "h-hello, sir!" before he walked away and I screamed in astonishment with my friend who was with me. There were tears involved.







Waiting for our hero to arrive! :D

(I've got the glasses)



he was telling us not to push, but it was impossible not to.



*major squee*



looking back on the crowd





I was THIS CLOSE on three separate occasions :dance:



me in the middle



the inspiration is so infectuous, I can't even describe it.



In my room afterwards, dying of excitement.








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i think i remember you mentioning you might meet him! your so lucky!!!


i wasn't initially an obama supporter (i was a biden guy) but after he dropped out i turned to him and i think he is really a good guy. Every doubt i've had about him and israel he as made me for get about. He's a brilliant man and will hopefully be our next president!


unfortunately, it looks like he's going to lose pennsylvania:dozey:

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i can't stop being excited. i can't believe i got so lucky to be that close twice at two different viewing locations. it pays to get there three hours early and to run everywhere like a maniac!!


and thanks, semy :blush: :nice:


and i promise that i don't take pictures of mtself in the mirror THAT much. i hardly ever do it at all, really...i just thought last night was worthy of doing it for the third time in a month :rolleyes:

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yes, first while we were waiting for three hours, we claimed a spot right against the railings, which lined the path obama took down the steps of the capitol down to the podium. that's where the first few pics are from, and that's the first time i shook his hand and he thanked me. then once obama passed us and was safely on the podium, secret service opened the barriers and we RAN down the capitol steps and congregated right behind the podium! that's where the pictures of him speaking etc. and the one really really close one is from, which was after he was finished speaking and went around shaking hands again, which is where i met him a second time. ohmygoodnessgosh.


i really need to chill out, i think :D

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I don't mean to sound patronising or like a knob or anything, but it's so cool that an 18 year can be that into politics and believe they can make change. It doesn't seem to happen here.


I know what you mean. I'm in my 30s, but I was heavily into politics at a young age, and my friends thought I was crazy. Voter apathy is at an all time high here too, and it's sad.

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