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Do You Think You've Found A Leak? (I haven't...don't get excited)


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Just a few friendly suggestions for the people who have started the 'I FOUND VIVA LA VIDA' or 'VIOLET HILL LEAKED' type threads:


Some people on here are very excited everytime they see those threads, and they get their hopes up, only to be let down again by files that won't download or files that turn out to be bogus.


If you find VLV titles on limewire, ares or any other p2p, check the bitrates, files sizes and file extensions before downloading. (If a file is 2kb, it's probably not a song)


Once you've downloaded, if you can, make sure the files don't end with the extension 'mp3.exe'. YOU don't want to open those!


LISTEN to the files and discover for yourself that they truly ARE VLV tracks.


MAKE A THREAD announcing you've found a leak and we will all WUV you forever.


I know people want so badly to be the first to share,so they make threads and hope they're right, but it's playing with some people's emotions, so be a little patient when you make your threads? Hmmm?;)


I'm not finding fault, and if anyone else has suggestions or wants to clarify my bad computer-ese, please feel free.:)

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I really wouldn't bother with seaching/downloading from anything like limewire.


If it gets leaked it will be all over the subscription torrent sites as well as the major album posting blog sites - with lots of good feedback comments.


that's true...


I'll wait till someone else download it and tell it's the real album

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Garreth's right. By the time it gets to limewire etc., it will have already been on more legitimate sites. Don't get me wrong, I still do my daily limewire scouring,lol, but it's not likely to bear fruit.


As for the rick-rolling, I found it mildly funny when yammy did it, just because he's usually so inoffensive,lol. But other than that, I hate to see some of our members being constantly messed with. It's not a huge deal for me, but for some it can really be painful.

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We have the best Mods EVER!! Yay, Lore. Yeah, I saw a fake rapidshare link yesterday too.


People who do that aren't going to pay attention to this thread, but hopefully it'll calm a few of our well-meaning members down and spare some explosions,lol.:)

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Ha now that would be cool. Form an oderly queue outside an' all that :P I'm sure you can get novelty toilet flusher thingys that play music can't you? (Runs to Google...)


Violet Hill sounds like it could pass for the name of a nice air-freshener kind of thing, would smell nice in a bathroom I'm sure.

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