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I just wanted to share this with you guys, seeing as it is something I look forward to every week.


Anyway, this guy reviews one video game every week, and posts his reviews every wednesday. The special thing about it is the way he presents his thoughts, and I won't even begin to explain what it is like.


I'll just recommend you all to go check it out, I'm sure you will have a laugh.

If you see a game you have played yourself, then check that out first, but games you have never even heard of are fun to watch as well.



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I also read that his reviews increased traffic to "the escapist" by 400% :O


I can only imagine. The way he delivers a new review so precisely every single week is amazing. He has also been able to maintain a very high quality throughout, without it getting boring or repetetive.


Glad I was able to introduce this to some of you ^^

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Yeah. I hope he does Gta IV, but I do kinda doubt it.


Fear not, I'm pretty sure GTA IV will be his next one.


if you look during the credits of the last vid, "mailbag showdown"

it says: "gonna need a bit more time to play GTA IV"


I think this mailbag episode was just a filler anyway to allow him to finish the game..



I'm really looking forward to the GTA IV review, everyone else has lavished about it but I'm sure yahtzee will put his own negative spin on things that we all love him for :P

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