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What happend to Coldplay and Timberland?


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I was just wondering if anyone knows what happend to Timberland collaborating with Coldplay? I remember hearing about it when they first started recording. Maybe this will still eventually happen? Either way, I think Timberland needs Coldplay a lot more than Coldplay would need Timberland.

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I thought I read somewhere around here that they worked together for a bit but nothing came out of it. It just didn't work or didn't sound right or something.


But that's from a half-remember bit of something or other from who knows where, so don't quote me on it. Maybe someone else knows what the hooey I'm talking about?

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i think timberland ditched chris to work with madonna on that horrible 4 minutes song. lol.


:lol: no, he did do a track with just Timbaland.... (Chris that is) but its Timbaland's track, not Coldplay's. Maybe he'll back catalog it or something...


In that case, he did Chris a favour, imo.:D



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