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Is this illegal?


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It depends on local bylaws. It isn't illegal on any grand scale. Some places you need permits, others it's fine to just start playing somewhere. As I understand it in places where it isn't so legal they'll usually just ask you to move along.


Local research is your friend.

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In France, it's legal to play music in the streets on Music Day which is in June. One can see people everywhere playing an instrument mostly guitar or small instruments. They put a hat on the ground in order for people to toss some coins. As for other days, it's considered as begging but it may happen people do it in the subway and they ask beforehand if they may do it at a supervisor in the subway. At seaside resorts in the summer, it's commonplace to see people playing music or dancing to eke out their living. I'm sure cops don't pay attention to it. They're either students or local people. In the U.S., I don't know whether it's authorized or not as laws are different. You should ask it on a legal website : www.findlaw.com and a lawyer will tell you about it. :)

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