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Lost?=What If God Was One Of Us?


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OK, Guys, please don't lynch me...I usually bitch when ppl make these threads, but I as listening to 'Lost?' again, and I realized that you can actually sing 'What If God Was One Of Us?' along with it, and it works. I'm not accusing Coldplay of stealing it, just saying it makes a lovely seguay!!:D Try it,it works...and really well,lol!!


There are so many songs out there with the same 4 chords that it can't be helped, so again, please don't take offense to this thread! Just try singing the 'God' lyrics along with 'Lost?' and enjoy the irony!!:)

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:laugh3: No, I hadn't noticed it, but I'm not surprised.


When I was first learning to play guitar and trying to figure out how chords work that was one of about 5 identically chorded songs my friend used as an example of how different songs can have the same chords.


Here's one more for the pile, I guess.

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Hmm. Now that you mention it, I do notice a certain similarity, even if the guys were trying to do their Song 2 - think they tried to throw us off the scent of which song they were really copying?:D


But, lyrically, Lost!/Lost? share a lot in common with In My Place (lines to cross, and being lost in general:)) and I freaking love that song, love that album, and have massively high expectations for 12th of June - NOTHING CAN GO WRONG.

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