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Secret concert in Paris


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they're billboards annoucing Paris' show in September :nice:


alvin, I cant manage to find a phone number on their website.. do you have it by any chance ?


Yes 2 giants billboards close to my university annoucing the concert, so I took a picture with my phone


For the contest, you can click on "JOUE TOUT DE SUITE" on the page, then you have to answer to 3 questions

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yeah I did click and played three times :P

I just want the number to get more chances of winning something and be really quick when they say something on air !


and 'TOUGH' questions btw :laugh3:

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Can I swear ?

Cause I've only got one thing to say :





just heard the announcement for the three dates in September, nothing about the secret gig yet...

(and arghhh.. I cant believe im listening to this radio :dozey:)

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i have no idea they didnt say anything precisely.. so i just send my phone number so they can call me back and precised it was for Coldplay's secret concert.

They texted me back sending an ad for another stupid contest..

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