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Tickets! - The KROQ Waiting Room


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Come, sit, and wait anxiously in front of your radio for hours to try to win Coldplay tickets! They play the Coldplay commercial every hour, but it's mostly every other hour that they add the bit that says "Call now" to the commercial. So generally, the callings are held every two hours. :)


I've spent 150+ hours trying to win Muse tickets in the past so I sort of know how this thing works... here's some tips!

  • your greatest chances of winning are at off hours like midnight or early morning. Sometimes they have callings at 2AM. Not all the time though.
  • have more than one phone!
  • listening to the net broadcast may lessen your chances of winning, especially during peak listening hours. (duh)
  • don't give up calling for at least a few minutes! Sometimes, well after the calling cue plays, you can get through and they say "sorry, you're caller 17" which makes no sense at all!
  • stay sane!
  • Click here to listen to the net broadcast!

Also, I think the tickets are available for out of state people, but I'm fairly sure that the "House" concert is only available to SoCal residents. I could be wrong.


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Ah c'mon. There was a thread similiar at muse.mu and it got a couple of thousand posts.


Are there no southern california musers here? :uhoh:


And BTW, the next calling time is in 12 minutes or so I think. O.o

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You guys don't have to live in SoCal to get the tix, I don't think. :) Only for the living room concert, haha.


I remember a guy from NorCal got a hold of some tickets by calling while listening to the net broadcast, but he ended up not going, since that particular festival was only for SoCal residents only. :( But almost all of the concerts don't have residential restrictions. If you live in Arizona, Nevada, or you're willing to make the trip from the East Coast... go ahead and try to win tix! Haha.


Whee! They're playing Viva La Vida. :)

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They just played the little promo for it, and I called, fiiinally got through, and then the guy said they aren't giving out tickets/taking names just yet, and hung up on me. (pfft) Anyone else have that problem? I talked to someone earlier, and he said it was going on noww, so. I think I got a grouchy man this time around.


How great is this contest though *spins*



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The "Promo" and the "Call Now" commercials are pretty much identical, except one has Chris (or was it Jonny?) actually saying "CALL NOW"--it's a bit easy to get confused!


And I'm not sure if I'll be trying for tickets, since I don't have much money. :( I just bought a new drum kit for my birthday so I'm pretty low on cash.

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fuck....not allowed to use the house phone! guess i'll just have to rely on my cellphone. :angry:



aaaaggghhh all i want is tickets to the concert! i don't mind too much about the house gig (cause then i'd have to meticulously clean the whole house until it's spotless!).



and they're not going to step into my room. it's too embarassing xD

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