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LIT Reminds Me...

Dark K

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If coldplay are good at anything, it's starting and finishing albums. And they do it perfectly each time. Somehow the first tracks on each album give a perfect taste for the rest of their respective albums.


Don't Panic: Sums up the album doesn't it? "Don't Panic, Everything's Not Lost", a beautiful, smooth, indie-rock song that presents the reoccuring optimism/pessimism visible throughout.


Politik: The sound of four men trying to gun down the parachuters lol. The blunt, pounding chords present a louder, serious, more powerful album. The bedwetters of fate can now knock you off your seat.


Square One: Amazing how these first tracks clearly separate themselves from previous albums. This great song forecasts the outer-spacey techno-pop influence that reoccurs throughout with soaring keyboards, guitar effects and Chris's new falsetto style).


Life In Technicolor: Almost Parodying WTSHNN with the arpeggiated beat behind Hopkins keyboard Riff. The track takes on an almost spiritual tone, even after the exotic twang of the dulcimer kicks in. The message? An exotic album of new flavors, experiments, styles and timbres. Yet the outro reminds you that they're not going for avante-garde minimalism as the epic swells of an unsung chorus closes the track .


I can't help wonder excitedly about how they're going to open the next album. They seem to have exhausted their best ideas. A smooth acoustic riff, an unapologetical crash, a dramatic intro, and an instrumental.

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Life in technicolor is the best way to open an album. I doubt there will ever be a better intro than that one. As a song it's great, as great as square one, politik or don't panic... In the four albums the opening and the beggining are just excellent, just some exceptions like 'til kingdom come but generally coldplay strongest point is that one

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