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Where is everyone?!


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Hi, im bored. its 10:08 pm here.


Im watching some tele, and thinking bout eating some choco cake:)


im extremely bored, i wanna play xbox but my brother is hogging the tv :\


Pretty well, pretty well. And you?


im very average of right now, a little tired :P

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beat him up! than you can play some games!!


*less he is bigger than you*:P


no, he's puny compared to me, well, i am older than him...but my parents would get mad if i beat him up :P ...plus, im just too nice, i need to inject myself with some bullshark testosterone to man up (i promise i didnt get that from GTA IV)

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How can anyone be bored?? There's a zillion things to do and discover!:rolleyes: What about searching on the net for something amazing, like pictures of planets, or music, or anything!



Amen. :thinking:

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I'll stay and chat for a bit, but I had a long day of work today and another long day tomorrow. But this is generally the time of night when I get in to bed with my laptop and try and put off going to sleep for as long as possible. But this happened to me last night... everyone disappeared for a while and I was so bored!

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