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CHUCK,The TV Show.


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Yeah, especially last episode was really blegh relationship wise. It's like a damn soap. :disappointed: I'm not that interested in the relationships because the writers can't seem to make up their minds whether they want Chuck and Sarah together or not. I'm so over that now. The season has been quite decent so far though (better than I'd expected anyway), so I'm kind of bummed that the relationships are so fucked up at the moment. At least that Hannah girl will only be in 4 (I think?) episodes. Don't like her arc really because it's so.. useless. Though it was fun to see Morgan try to seduce her. :lol:


But it seems like the show is doing well in terms of ratings, hopefully it will get renewed for a full season. (*kicks NBC* :whip:)

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The season finale was perfect. Sad it's over :(


It was good, but really sad. I loved the performance of Jeffster :dazzled:

It could be that there is a movie or webseries.


Was season 5 the last season? I'm at episode 5 at the moment, so I guess I won't be rushing my last eps :P


Unfortunately, yes, it's the last season. :cry:

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