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NEW ALBUM IN 2009!!!!!!


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Yeah, they don't have a self-titled album yet.

That's a good idea.


And I'm ready for some leaks too.



I dunno...usually if bands do a self-titled album, it's their first one, because it helps get their name out. Making a self-titled one when you've already released 4 major albums and a ton of EPs and singles would be kinda weird. But then, Coldplay is kind of an odd band. :P

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It sounds like this album in 2009 will be a mixture of throw away songs that didn't make any other of their albums. Why would they put on a lyrics version of Life in Technicolor otherwise. My guess will be that the 2009 album will have songs such as Famous Old Painters and Glass of Water along with Lunar.

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Indeed, it will be somewhere near the equivalent of the killers "sawdust", or even "amnesiac" (spillover from the VLV recording sessions) probably a low-key release to break the long bridge between albums. I expect some VLV b-sides, a couple collaborations...I'm sure it won't include "crests of waves" or any old b-sides that are old news...at oldest we'll see some X&Y era recordings...


But with two singles out already, we still have a lot of song titles that haven't hit our ears yet: famous old painters, glass of water, poppy fields, leftrightleftrightleft, prospekt's march, lukas, postcards from far away, LIT (w/vocals). That's a whole album right there. and whose to say there aren't more songs that we don't know about (yet)?


So that will vouge for most of the LP, you can only put so many b-sides on a single. This is a way of clearing out some good songs that they just didn't know what to do with. and they would never carry these over to their next big studio album, because they want a clean slate going into it.

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New album in March of 2009!!!!!!


If you heard the radio interview Chris gave ryan seacrest he mentions at the end that the "Ep" is 9 songs and will be out in march, so deffinately excited, but even more so to see them in toronto in a week!

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old article but nice to read again though we know that a few things have changed i think : )



Kylie Minogue collaboration deemed 'too sexy' for Coldplay album





But band will release another LP in 2009



Coldplay have revealed that they recorded a song with Kylie Minogue, but it was deemed "too sexy" to make the cut for their new album, 'Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends'.


Frontman Chris Martin revealed that the track was entitled 'Lunar', and that it would appear on an LP the band will release as early as 2009.


"At this point we cannot be that sexy," he said, referring to why the track didn't make the cut for the new album. "It's a song called 'Lunar' and Kylie is particularly brilliant on it.


"It will be on a record we will put out in 2009, some time at the end of next year. It will be track nine, I imagine."


The singer went on the say that another song that will appear on the album will be a full vocal version of Life In Technicolour', an instrumental song on 'Viva…'. "It will neatly wrap up things for the end of the decade," he said. "Then, I don't know what we'll do."








edit: but look in the first post here!..




edit: and another old article about the ep and a new album..



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Guest howyousawtheworld

Coldplay's 2009 Album


What will it be like?? Will it go for old Coldplay and be a little more shy and softer or will it be much more rocky than the 4 they've done already? Also if you've heard any news about it, it would be most welcome!

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